French-German Services & Networking
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French-German Intercultural Services and B2B Contact / Business Profile Matching (aka 1:1 Networking), On Demand Informations, Localisation

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Expertise :

In the following industries:
XES, Lafarge

Fields of practice:
Intercultural relationships, Communication, B2B Contact setting (aka 1:1 Networking)

Management teams your interventions may concern:
International Management Communications management

Types of interventions:
Communication, Marketing

Training courses attended:

LLM, Tübingen / Aix Marseille III
FH Macromedia, München (Munich, Allemagne)


Led training courses:

Computer skills:
CMS, SEO, SEM, Office, ERP


Some references:
Assistance Humanitaire Burkina, CLP for National Geographic & Gallimard, Icebreak Consulting, ICEM, Intermedia Solutions, RM Informatique, Solimedia, SuiteStuff

Presentation sheet cretaed / updated on: 2009-07-24 16:49:11


B2B Information / Verification / Contact Services between France and Germany

- Informations, Studies
- Partner or Cooperation Research
- Overwhelming language barreers
- Optimizing cultural differences
- Avoid misunderstandings
- Profitable use of Media Technologies

Help and support for SME / SMI
Relais: Lyon & Marseille (F), Munich (D)

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